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09 December 2007

White hot glistening, shadowy flows.

The song, “Feel Flows" by the Beach Boys— if I could put a high school love affair, or at least the one I’d like to have had, in a song, this would be it. I think it would come while this couple was standing in a parking lot overlooking the football field of their high school. It would be night, of course; the big lights around the field would be on brightly but there would be no football game or anything like it—the bleachers having emptied hours prior.

They’d be standing in the parking lot, the guy would probably have flowy brown hair and the girl would have some overly zealous, seemingly innocent, loosely-curled hairstyle topped with a ribbon. The car they drove up in would be "parked," diagonally taking up a few parking spaces, the engine still running. The driver’s door would have been left open in a rush to get out and the headlights would still be on, shining back at the football field.

He’d have chased her out of the car for some reason. He’d grab her around the waist and she'd briefly hint at some hesitation but her heel would still pop, and one of her bright white Keds with royal blue and red laces would glisten for a second in the frame and we’d pan out just as they smooched.

It’s sort of the quintessential youthful love song, although I haven’t listened to the lyrics yet and that could possibly change everything for me. I might avoid that for a while.

I suppose it also sounds like a tour bus touring along, almost famously.

You tell me. Download it right down there.
Feel Flows Beach Boys

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