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01 February 2008

"Blog-obsessed" Says Exboyfriend, Should Check Out More NPR "Or something"

My exboyfriend, and current chef de cuisine of this snooty, Tribeca gem, has insisted that I am not only "blog-obsessed" but that my readers are forced to not take my articles seriously because I post "scandalous" photos of myself, semi-nude, on the internet. He continued to state that I get my readers to read my writings simply because of my scandalous photos, that entice them, and that no one will ever take me seriously as a writer if I continue to do so.

The photo to your left is taken from his Myspace account.

His defesne: the caption states, Champs Elysees, Nouvel An, 2001, when he obviously streaked the Champs Elysees, for New Years 2001 and took photos of it and posted them on the internet, as oppose to just in his memory, sparing us from seeing his hairy ass whenever we want.

I assure you you will never find my ass that bare on the internet (except in that photo up there...). I think you can see his balls if you look close enough. Not implying that he has any. Maybe it's not considered bare if you have a carpet growing on it.

Choose your sides wisely, folks. And keep reading, puhhhlease.

Badda-bing! Love you, Jake!


Manda said...

Empowerment, you deserve it. Bravo. Encore. Keep up the writing and I will (of course) keep up on my reading.

Anonymous said...

i think i read them bc they are intellectually stimulating and a bit emo which i think i am a lil bit of both so. keep up the good work.

Zooey said...

I tried to post semi-nude photos of myself on my rcjohnso, but my editor claimed they wouldn't be appropriate for the demographic we were targeting. I asked him what he meant, and he just sort of said "Ehh..." and for the rest of the evening pretended not to hear me when I brought it up.

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