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19 January 2008

A few quickies.

I was up very late, working until 4AM not very much unlike a hooker, followed by a life chat with Zooey that I wish could of been done in person. All in all, going to bed at eight in the morning sucks, although not drinking the night before made waking up today bearable. My roommates are pitter-pattering around the apartment with friends and I sort of wish I had a more traditional working schedule and could walk around Williamsburg on Saturdays and eat brunch and come home and watch a movie and then go back out to go bowling or something. I suppose that's what I do on Sundays, anyway. Maybe it's just the bowling I'm longing for.

Zooey insists that I see No Country for Old Men because it's "subtly awesome" which is such a great description that I'm going to go see it for that alone. I love subtle awesomeness.

In other news, I awoke to an invitation to Buenos Aires this morning and I think I may just fucking go. I haven't seen Asher in some time now, and jesus, I hope you were serious because I'm totally in. Also, I am adding a link to his photography website in my link section. Check it out-- I absolutely love his style and use of lighting. (Wow, I sort of sound like a tool).

Audrey, aka Ms. Pegu Club, has announced our company holiday brunch and I am thoroughly excited to break my diet (I mean, "lifestyle") and eat my fucking face off and get trashed on champagne and orange juice.

Last night I was hostess to the Finlandia Vodka people and begged them to take me to Finland with Erin. I don't think that's going to work out but I still really want to go.

Also, will be attending some cocktail THING here with Erin to feed my new, rising love for brandy (and pigs-in-a-blankie). If they're anything like Gin Lane though, I'm not sure that they even carry brandy.

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Zooey said...

You don't sound like a tool for talking about Asher's use of "style and lighting" in his photography. Asher is a tool for having the gall to use "style and lighting" in his photography.

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