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10 September 2007

intimate relationships- a case study

intimate relationships: a case study

at the ripe age of twenty-one, i find myself to be somewhat of a master of intimate relationships.

the practice of writing.

i'll blow you; i'll get you coffee; i'll clip your toenails.

i'm looking around my apartment. the floor of the foyer is sheltered with the clothing i was wearing last night. my wine-drenched watering garbs lie in piles around my feet.

i paid the cab fare and clicked my boots up four flights of stairs. i fumbled around my purse for my keys, leaned my way into the foyer of my apartment. i remember being pressed up behind where my front door would swing open. it was there i wrapped my leg as high as i could, around your hip. it was there our clothes were shed, and it was there we found them in a pile sometime in the late afternoon, the next day.

the cab ride home was short-lived, though the driver didn't allow smoking. i remember coughing abruptly over the crack of a tall beer. i curled my knees up to my face, while sipping.

why is it, that so often, women cheat on their mates with their former beaus? it must be for some other, more pertinent reason than our "numbers not going up."

for me, it was the state he was in-- the way i left him. unforgivingly tattered and torn down. stubborn and finished. a heartbroken conquest.


Nevs said...

Nothing quite compares to ripping out their hearts,
nothing quite like leaving them broken and knowing you had the power.
It's like vaginal revenge to the woes of your world,
at least as I see it.
By the way, like your blog =P

bird said...

thanks a bunch, i appreciate you reading it:)

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