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26 September 2007

How are you?

I got fired a few days ago, for no reason other than hearsay and blatant accusations. My boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago when his grandfather died. He did so by turning his phone off. I haven’t heard from him since. I was so busy working (and having a crush? what?) that I didn’t even notice until just now. He sent me a text today, informing me that his mother was dying of cancer. Last night, I dropped my clutch in a toilet I had just pissed in. It contained my cell phone and I-pod, both of which no longer work today. I am struggling to pay rent this month, because at $1150 a month, who wouldn't be without a job? Yesterday I had Cheetos for breakfast. I cut all my hair off last week but no one really noticed because I usually just wear it up. I just checked the weather report and apparently it is 90 degrees in Brooklyn. It’s also almost October first.

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Autumn has been very unlucky for me for the past few years, however I welcome it just the same. I am generally pretty happy and have been writing a lot. I have also made a few new friends that I really love already. How have you been? Did you make the big move to the city yet?

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chris said...

this bottom picture is very nice. nice indeed. and no i haven't moved yet..but i did almost get by a kassam rocket in GAZA the other day.

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