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25 October 2008

Googling "Fear of Commitment" on a Saturday Night in Bunny Pajamas (Shown)




Jack said...

I think most intelligent people are ‘commitmentphobic’ – it’s just another word to fit people into yet another category so they can explain why they don’t fit in with the ‘healthy people’ governments and media types promote as the apparent ideal. The thing is, when was the last time you met an intelligent person who was fearless of commitment? The only people I’ve ever met who seem completely confident in their relationships are those who, to put it as nicely as I can, are like a dumb puppy. The kind that will get slapped around and get up smiling broken through fat lips because “he had a hard day at the office, that’s all.” Everyone is a mess, everyone is insecure and their insecurities often cause them to be destructive, but that’s life. I’d rather be intelligent and wary than dumb and naive. I don’t think it’s about never being able to find someone through fear– it’s about finding the right person who can be supportive of those insecurities and reassuring when any doubt is raised. People like that aren’t advertised in magazines (that would be a creepy ad) but they do exist.

You seem to be creative (I’ve only briefly looked at your blog but your writing is really wonderful) which means you probably are more inclined to be inventive with possible scenarios that don’t even exist – the whole over-active imagination combined with a possible ‘artistic temperament’. If you didn’t feel insecure with relationships or hadn’t been messed around or hadn’t been through any mental anguish then would you be able to write so beautifully? Would words have as much gravity?

Don’t despair.

bird said...

I like you, Jack. That was refreshingly well-written advice. Thanks a lot...


Jack said...

I don't normally post comments on strangers blogs but you looked upset. Hope you didn't think I was being nosey.

I hope you feel better soon! x

P.S - I read more of your blog at work today and your writing is really good! Please never stop.

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