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04 June 2008

Liking you is like a joint.

I like you because you're simple and uncomplicated but that I still don't quite have you figured out and you somehow maintain my somewhat undivided attention. You're chill and relaxed. You know what you like and what you don't like and you aren't too rash in your deciding that and you are justified in your feelings. You are a foundation (I find this manly although that sounds corny, but I mean it as mature), something to build upon, something to work with and something warm to hold. I like you because you are always touching me sweetly and you pay just enough attention to me as to not suffocate me or be completely uninterested in who I am. I like that you sometimes repetitively ask me the same questions, not that you are poking or prodding or that you have forgotten my answers, just that you are simply interested in getting a straight answer, which is hard for me sometimes. I like that you don't feed into my anxiety attacks but you stick around through them. I like you because you feel me out, calmly. I like you because your skin smells sweet always, even after working. I like you because you always hear what I say even when I doubt you. I like you because I trust you even though you haven't asked me to. I like your comfort when we're sitting in the same room, silently because I like just knowing that you're there. I like having talks with you and I like slowly opening up to you. I like that you're just the right amount of honest, which I think is wholly. I like you because you're modest but secure and also talented and intelligent. I like how you somehow make me smitten, even after months of being with and around you and working with you and spending days with you and sleeping next to you. I like how it's the perfect amount of smitten and the perfect amount of intimidation and I like how I slowly am learning to be myself around you. I like the balance we have in our own lives, and that it's enough to see each other when we can and I like thinking of you when I can't see you and I like planning on when I'll see you next. I like the way your beard tickles my face. I like the way your beard tickles every place it grazes, really. I like your artistic side and being in bed with you just stretching and laying and having heavy limbs. It often feels like meditation.

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