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08 March 2008

Continuing With The Concept of Closeted Self-Indulgence

[I am a] Very paranoid, manic-depressive, with irrational and unrealistic highs being a major fault. Lows are equally as irrational and seemingly irreversible, but quite obviously are. But, besides that, I get along just fine with most people.

I fall in love approximately 15-20 times, per day and fall out about a quarter as much. About half the time I fall in love, it is with an inanimate object or bartender and the total amount I fall out of love is with the latter, usually in the morning hours.

I strive to appear different everyday, the subway being my main stage, but I abhor change. Words that come to mind are: immature, young, bipolar, narcissistic, chameleon.

I may initially appear outgoing and even, intriguing only to then plateau to shyness, but these are just the steps I take in reeling people in to then be given the wonderful opportunity to get to know them.

I think Facebook is very manipulating and wonder if I talk trash about it, will it still appear on my "feed". Facebook should consider the motto: "Keeping the human race orderly" because without Facebook I would probably forget half the people I am "friends" with. I think this is what Facebook refers to as "networking". Some may think this is similar to compiling a resume, "getting your numbers up" or being whorish, and plain "using" people.

Recently an owl moved into the tree just outside my bedroom window, which makes living 15 minutes outside of Manhattan and paying an atrocious amount in rent seemingly worth it. Nature and cement have never come together quite so swimmingly. Hoo, hoo, hoo.

I don't like who ever continues to employee that guy that does the voiceovers in movie trailers (predominantly low-budget independent films) and wonder how he himself can stand his work. The concept makes me think that humans really can't be that evolved if we let him continue to synopsis story lines over potentially good movies. You know, THE voice. For instance, "It was mid July and three teenagers were swimming in a lake... COMING SOON JULY 2008.". I get the concept of a budget, but there's just got to be another way.

It's a safe bet to say that we will always be interested in watching feature films about the awkwardness of being a teenager no matter how old we get. So, I've been writing like, six of those, dude.

I'm working on incorporating more exclamations (!!!!!) into my writing, as to not take myself too seriously. But at the end of the day, I will always be slightly dry and pretentious and this: "!" will always equal this: "Yes!" or "Kowabunga!". So the statement, "I went to the mall today!" to me, reads as, "I went to the mall today, kowabunga!".

I am a hipster and am totally cool with that (exhales cigarette, readjusts skinny jeans).

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