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07 February 2008

Day Eleven, Also Known As Orange Juice Day

Today is my first day off of the master cleanse, although I don't feel like I'm quite off of it because I only am allowed to drink orange juice throughout the day. I just had my first glass and already I feel totally different than being on the actual cleanse juice. I'm scared that I forgot what its like to eat and that my body will hate me when I finally remember how to. Hmm.

Also, I think I just heard my neighbors having sex and am possible still hearing them. I am thoroughly grossed out and fully jealous. Sex on a weekday-- a Thursday at noon?! Not fair AT ALL.


Zooey said...

My dear friend Kyle once did the Master Cleanse. It seemed relatively harmless at the time, but a few months later, he packed his bag and moved to Jerusalem, where there is currently a war going on, for some reason.

asher said...

and i did my first master cleanse when i was in israel, when the war was going on. and other clenses having to do with enema's and diets and other such novelties. but i got ripped afterwards and felt much better.

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