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17 January 2008

To your right...

you may see an added section of links. They're to sites I pretty much frequent daily. It's snowing, raining, and hailing outside and I'm creatively burnt-out, so I've got some time.

  • Diablo Cody's blog. She is my latest idol and I sort of have a crush on her. This is the lady who wrote Juno. I am THIS close to emailing her and asking her to hang out, the next time she's in New York.
  • Megan Johnson's boutique near Union Square. The first of many Johnson links to follow. Now, if only I could I afford it. I encourage you to check it out, regardless.

  • My undying love for Jason Schwartzman's acting and writing abilities. Now, for his music.
  • the ONION
  • America's Finest News Source. Also, check out the A.V. club, if you haven't already. I read that everyday, religiously.
  • WGAE
  • Writer's Guild of America, East, hosts some of my shit (more like one very short college submission...) and someday I will be an "associate" when I "pay my dues". Maybe after that I can be an actual "member" and I've even heard rumors about dental coverage. Until then, I like to stay updated, especially with you know, the strike.
  • A band of boys I know and love and have seen grow a whole hell of a lot in past years. Brooklyn-based and used to have the loft in Greenpoint where I hold many fond memories.

  • rcjohnso
  • Zooey's cousin Rian, pure genius, etc. Wrote "Brick". I definitely idolize him. I love navigating around such a culturally wealthy site. He also links off a bunch of other interesting people's sites. Check it. And yes, I did say "culturally wealthy".
  • Zooey
  • Zooey's "blog", Zooey or "Zach"-- one of my two or three best friends. A collection of his writings link off of Rian's aforementioned website, which he hasn't updated in a while. I know this because I check dedicatedly, most every day.
  • John Paul Jones, the fouth. Dj, music maker, music finder, music organizer, very good friend whom I adore. I basically rely on him for all of my music needs. Can be seen riding the "L" train with a very glorious moustache and ponytail.
  • Counting down the days until the Tribeca Film Festival. Well, sort of. It's more cool to see what's going on in the community/ industry all year-round.
  • I read Gawker mostly every day. I would read it on the treadmill, if I could. Don't bash me for it. I am a media whore.
  • Joe's website. Simply stated, I'm an admirer. Check this one out for sure; his short videos are all really interesting. I've officially seen them all a few times. He's shockingly talented, really. One of those everything he touches turns to gold, types.

  • NYC TV
  • NYC TV- A site my mom linked me to. I check it every now and then. It's interesting to see what's going with TV at this level, strictly in New York.
  • newyorkshitty
  • A blog on Greenpoint and a great one at that.
  • New York
  • New York Magazine is sometimes the only contact I make with the outside world when I disappear for a few days. It's short, sweet, and holy. My tabloid bible-- I've got no shame in saying that. I would love to work for these people.
  • Danny's blog. I feel like if Danny and I collaborated we could be like Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson. Shot gun Wes.
  • United Hollywood
  • United Hollywood is updated a bunch of times, daily, and I use it as a main source in tracking the current strike. I just like keeping up with that sort of stuff. I don't know what this site was before the strike or if it were even a site.
  • Script Frenzy
  • Script Frenzy is a dorky and fun site that I use mostly for cynical pep talks when I'm stumped. That's right, a website can give me a pep talk.

  • Mewzick
  • Daniel or "Danzi" is a miniature music genius and genuine music lover. The most genuine I've seen, especially being so young. She DJ's at The Annex in the LES every Friday with her boyfriend, Jake-o, of the aforementioned band "The Films" when he's not on the road.
  • WGA
  • WGA is the offical Writer's Guild site. I check it whilst checking WGAE. I just said "whilst" which is probably why I check this site in the first place.
  • The Locomotive Espada
    I went to high school with these kids and they were my best friends in my senior year. They were my first real taste at musical geniuses and will always be regarded highly by me. David Fleming and Sal Lardizone are two of my all time favorite musicians, I can certainly vouch for that.

  • NYC Midnight
  • NYC Midnight holds these competitions and is a New York writer's companion. I definitely plan on getting involved with the screenwriting write-off, this year and if I wasn't buried ass-up in college admissions essays, I'd have entered the short story competition, last week.

  • Pegu Club
  • birdspace.
  • My Myspace, which I'm not sure if I will be fading out of. I don't use it for anything much these days.
  • The Cinematic Underground
  • Never before have so many family members been this genius and be contained in one band, that I am aware of. Presented by Nathan Johnson, hosting some of my favorites, Bethany and Zooey, to name a few. But quite honestly, I love, adore, and admire everyone involved with such a well thought-out, talent saturated project. Not just a band, but a cinematic experience. Please guys, get this rolling again.

  • Le Monde de Michel Gondry
  • I have not yet seen Be Kind Rewind, but it's definitely on my to-do list for the weekend. He's another one of my idols and I was a big fan of his other latest, The Science of Sleep, with two of my favorite actors Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

    And I suppose I will announce when I add new links. I feel like this is important. It's good to network and know what and who is out there, right?

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