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28 January 2008

Hot Chicks and Horror Flicks

I'm currently being bombarded by media for Jessica Alba's latest flick, The Eye. I suppose by writing about this I am continuing the bombardment. Bombardment is actually a word, folks. Get with it.

I'm not sure how I feel about the ever popular hot-girl-in-a-horror-movie theme, brewing away in Hollywood. But, let it be known that I will love Jessica Alba forever. I think we could be BEST FRIENDS and I think we could potentially BE MORE THAN THAT.

I really love her and if she wants to choose roles outside of beach-themed movies, I'm cool with that. To the right is a photo of her I came across randomly online emphasizing that pretty girls can be blind and still have nicely set hair. I bet there's a sequence in the movie where a really good friend of hers helps her get dressed, which would explain why her hair is so pretty. I'm okay with all of these things, really.

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