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28 January 2008

He Said, She Said at The Underground, every Sunday, on Houston and Allen, by Scott and Jay, Music by Danzi and Jake-o

Gavin DeGraw and some other folks, own this bar where my good friends Scott and Jay, host a get together every Sunday at 9PM in the basement, which I think is referenced to as just The Underground.

I benefit greatly from this sort of thing because it gives me a chance to catch up with all fifteen of my closest friends at once. If I can get more people to come next week, there will be guarenteed dancing, says Danzi, the cutest DJ of them all, pictured to the right.

I went out with a bang last night to celebrate starting the Master Cleanse today. Irish Car Bombs, good Mewzick, great friends, and some skinny fucking jeans were all involved. I have also been saying "keeping it real since 1985," way too often lately, so I apologize about that and will try to stop. And of course, pulling a french exit. Sorry about that. See you soon!

Mike Perez.


Laura Lynn & Gabe.

I should of definitely taken more photographs. Next week.

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