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02 January 2008

Current updates in my very important life:

I have been avoiding this blog all together and I suspect that I have no readers left. Listen, I understand.

However, I have been busy doing the following:

-Going to the gym for two hours a day and seeing NO FEEDBACK, so don't get your hopes up, folks. I triathlon between the elliptical for three miles, the treadmill for two and the bike for six. This is week number two. I literally have not lost a pound.
-Writing three essays for The New School (more like twelve), one for SVA, one for BC, one for Hunter, and sixteen for any other college I can muster up affection for.
-Working with cocktails while wearing a dainty kimono.
-Going on the occasional date.
-The occasional shower.
-Sleeping the occasional night.
-Smoking the occasional bowl.
-Filing my 2006 taxes.
-Considering moving to another city.
-Considering studying screenwriting for a week, in Paris, just to go to Paris and write, simultaneously.
-Considering entering a short story write-off
-Considering buying a motorcycle.
-Watching the occasional short film.
-Considering moving to los angeles and stealing all the striking writer's job's (kidding...!?)
-Considering joining the army to become a more disciplined human being.
-Considering giving up meat, because I think I may have already, accidentally.

1 comment:

Nevs said...

I will be your reader!
I neglected that little old blog of mine, as well...
but I can't seem to divorce the damn thing.

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