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06 December 2007


As Jane so sweetly reminded me, I once developed my own holiday (like people often do) that takes places this time of year. I did this back when I was trying to actually promote my birthday because it so often gets forgotten, being between Hanukkah and Christmas. I created AMANDUKKAH, probably around the same time Seth Cohen created Chrismukkah and some-odd years after Festivus was installed on Seinfeld.

AMANDUKKAH takes place from December 16th-December 23rd. It celebrates me and my birthday for the one week before Christmas, starting on my actual DOB, the 16th. I hear my holiday directly interferes with the 25 days of Christmas, but CHRIST, dude, that's a lot of days!

I will be renting out a bar and throwing myself a party, as well, this year.

Actually, that is highly doubtful and more than slightly obnoxious. But, I say Amandukkah will be celebrated this year, as to ensure everyone has a chance to take me out for a drink. Or cupcake! More on that later.

Single-file line please!

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